Welcome to our church!  Where our mission is to transform you, through the work of the Holy Spirit, into a fully developed follower of Christ.

 "Create in me a pure heart O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me." ~Psalm 51:10

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Divine Liturgies have resumed in our church building, while all other ministries remain online.  You may watch our live-streaming services at:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD1G_SB-cgelyTTp7ikO2




Rules and Regulations for attending Divine Liturgies at our Church


As a general rule, if you are not feeling well please stay home.

Members who are 65 years or older, and /or with pre-existing conditions, must observe extreme caution if they choose to attend a Divine Liturgy.

In order to resume Liturgical Services at the Church, the congregation must comply with the rules and regulations of Montgomery County, as follows:


  • If a member, or any of his/her family members, experiences any of the following symptoms he/she may not attend the Liturgy:

    • Coughing

    • Sneezing

    • Runny nose

    • Shortness of breath

    • Loss of taste or smell

    • Fever

  • Each member should check his/her temperature before going to the Church. If the temperature exceeds 99.2 F please stay home.

  • Each member must wear a mask at all times during the Liturgy.  The mask can only be removed to partake of Holy Communion.  


  • Social distancing should be observed at all times. Greetings shall be without physical touching, handshaking, or hugging.

  • Members should abstain from touching icons and relics.

  • The Church will not provide head scarves, handkerchiefs, or water after communion -  you must bring your own.

  • No group gatherings are permitted within the Church facilities or the parking lot. When the service concludes please leave the Church immediately.

  • Attendance is by registration only.  If you have not registered and received a confirmation for a reserved spot, please do not go to Church, you will not be admitted.  The Church will maintain accurate attendance records in case contact tracing is needed.

  • In further compliance with the rules and regulations of Montgomery County, the church must clean and disinfect the entire church building after each service.


To register to attend a Divine Liturgy officiated by Fr. Guirguis, please use one of the following options:


To register to attend a Divine Liturgy officiated by Fr. John, please text Fr. John directly at 703.798.6581.

You may only register for one Divine Liturgy per month.  


Thank you for your patience and compliance while we navigate this pandemic.

Below is a letter from the Board of Deacons requesting donations for our church.  The links that you can physically click on to register with Amazon are located under the 'Announcements' section of this page.

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Many of us shop at Amazon, and now that shopping can be used to support our church at no additional cost to you!  Simply go to https://smile.amazon.com, sign in using your amazon.com information, and designate St. George Coptic Orthodox Church of Maryland as the charitable organization you will be supporting (Make sure it says Cabin John, MD before selecting the organization).  After that, shop as you normally do and Amazon will donate 0.5% of each purchase to our church.  God bless.

To make things even easier, our dedicated charity link through Amazon Smile is https://smile.amazon.com/ch/32-0055842





Intercessory Prayer

Save, O Lord, and have mercy upon the old, the needy, all that are in sickness and sorrow, in distress and affliction, in oppression and captivity.  Especially have mercy upon Your servants who are under persecution for Your sake at the hands of heathen nations, apostates, and heretics.

Save, O Lord, and have mercy upon all who are sent on duty, on all our civil authorities, all who travel, our fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters, and upon all true Christians.

Save, O Lord, and have mercy upon those who attack, affront, and do harm to all true Christians and Your holy Church, do not let them perish dazzled by destroying heresies, but grant them enlightenment by the light of Your Holy Wisdom, and unite them to Your Holy, Apostolic, Catholic Church.


May 2021 be a year of peace, love, and prayer.